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If you choose to post a complaint at our website we forward the same to the party who you lodge a compalint against. is working to be your one-stop consumer information and consumer action headquarters. Whether it`s giants, or small businesses, we can be of great help.

How Does work?

You simply fill out a form by posting a complaint giving us information about your complaint, question, or suggestion for the company. After it is posted on the web a copy of your compaint in total along with all information will be passed to the company for action.

Here are some examples of what we`ve helped clients with:

Poor customer service.

Product warranty issues

Credit disputes

Unsatisfactory services provided

Poor product quality

and many more reasons...

Why Use ?

Only 1 in 25 people actually follow through with providing feedback to companies (whether it be a complaint or compliment). We`re here for the other 24 people. Writing an email can be time-consuming and finding out to whom it should be sent can be like a wild goose chase. We save you time and aggravation. Above all if posted on the web it creates a bigger impact then trying to go alone.
When companies see an email coming from us, they know that word has got around about their product or service. They are very willing to resolve the issue quickly. We`ve got success stories in such a short time

The Story of

In June of 2004, Mywoes was founded. Our mission was, and remains, to help our clients stand up for their rights and get what they pay for by hosting their complaint on the net and forwarding the same to the company in context and try reaching them to the people at the top.

How Does the Complaint Letter Process Work?

If you`ve encountered a problem with a company (large or small), let us take care of it for you. Simply fill out our Post a complaint form and let us know all the relevant details of your problem and we`ll begin by hosting it on our web and forwarding them directly to the people at the top.
Within approximately 7 to 10 business days, the company should reply with their response. In the majority of our cases we have gotten our clients exactly what they asked for. Rarely do our clients ever walk away empty handed.
We do not guarantee that the company will respond and we cannot guarantee any financial restitution from any company. However in most cases we try our best to try and resolve issues and attempt to receive whatever clients are seeking for.

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